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General Junk Removal


Whether you have just a few items you need removed, a whole house full, or need that old shed taken down out back. Master Junkers is ready to help you tackle any size project. With loads ranging from 1/8 load to a full load we have a great price point for any size project.

Bulky Waste Removal Mobile

Appliance Removal


Did you upgrade your refrigerator, stove, washer, or dryer? Do you have an old broken down appliance that has been sitting in your garage or basement taking up space? We work with a number of organizations that we can donate usable appliances to. We also recycle as many broken appliances as possible, so they don’t end up in the landfill. 

Washer Dryer Removal

Furniture Removal


At Master Junkers we pride ourselves on our green approach to junk removal. We have partnered with local organizations who help people get a new start. We donate any usable furniture that we collect to different locations across the city.  That way you know that your couch, or chair will help someone in need.

Mattress Clean Out

Hot Tub Removal


Master Junkers are the hot tub removal experts you need. We make the hot tub removal process simple and fast so you can reclaim that space you have been missing. We are able to remove any size above ground hot tub or even above ground swimming pools. We do ask that all items are drained of water and unplugged before arrival.

Hot Tub Clean Out

Garage, basement and attic Clean Out


When junk has taken over and you need a full space clean out Master Junkers is here to help. Garage, basement or attic clean outs are just some of the full space clean outs we offer. Maybe its the back bedroom or the home office that is overwhelming. Master Junkers will not only clean out your junk we also find this is a great time for us to find some amazing pieces to donate to our local charities.

Property Management Clean Out


Master Junkers goes above and beyond when it comes to our property management clean outs. We want to build relationships with other local business to help with all your property clean out needs. From Tenant clean outs, storage unit clean outs, even office clean outs we can take care of one job for you or be your one stop shop for all your junk removal needs.

Junk Removal

Shed Removal and light demo


Master Junkers offers shed demo and removal as well as other light demo and removal. If you have a kitchen or bathroom project you are working on, we would love to help you make that project go smoothly. Pricing will vary for these removal services based on size and location. We also request that all electrical and/or water hookups be disconnected prior to our arrival.

Shed Removal Shed Demo

Yard Waste Removal


Yard waste sometimes goes beyond just a few bags of leaves. At Master Junkers we take everything from twigs, to sticks, to logs. Yes we will even take those leaves, although they must be bagged. We base all our yard removal on pricing on volume, and would be happy to provide you a FREE no-obligation estimate. 

Yard Waste Removal

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